Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thanks Sammy

Back in the day I didn't stop for the cops. There is to much crime out here for them to be hassling bike riders. The city is just trying to make money off of us at this point. They made all these bike lanes so they could start enforcing money making ticketing laws. They got me. I thought the new lanes was a good thing at first till I realized their scheme. I just paid $50 for riding my bike on the sidewalk.

I turned off the street and rode 10ft to my bank's entrance. On my way out I got tackled by two rookie cops. They said they saw me riding on the sidewalk. WHAT!!! 10ft to the bank door. "What, you want me to dismount in front of the honking city bus?" It was retarded. Plus I lost a days pay after going to court two months later. They dipping in my pockets man, indirectly at gunpoint. Back in the day they would dismiss something like this, but now they see us for what we are. A Gold Mine...

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